List of Characters

Twelve Major Characters in Cavanila’s Choices

Cavanila: The central character of the book. A young Minoan Priestess.

Bardok: The commander of Minos’s navy.

Rhadamantis: Cavanila’s father. The regent and high priest of Thera.

Minos: The King and High Priest of all Minoa and Rhadamantis’ brother.

Minos’ father: Also known as Minos.

Toran: Bardok’s father and former commander of the Minoa navy.

Zardik: The second in command of Bardok’s ships.

Jenora: The High Priestess of all Minoa.

Handoro: Chamberlain to both Minoses.

Jawana: Regent of Phaestos,

Rhitori: A scribe.

Alkabar and Alpada: Father and son goldsmiths.

Other characters (in alphabetical order)

Dorella: Rhitori’s girlfriend.

Drondak: The commander of Minos’s guard.

Gantaros: The commander of Rhadamantis’s guards

Gridawi: Rhadamantis’s harbormaster.

Hekton: An old priest at Akrotiri.

Kori: The commander of the Mycenean expedition.

Kodamta: The ship captain who takes Rhadamantis back to Thera.

Lendor: A ship commander under Bardok.

Leroma: Cavanila’s elderly maid.

Lovana: Bardok’s wife who died in childbirth.

Mikami: Rhadamantis’s favorite concubine.

Negorti: One of Jenora”s senior priests.

Parik: The captain of the ship that accompanies Kodamta back to Thera.

Reda: Toran’s housekeeper.

Rengori: Alpada”s younger brother

Sarpedon: King Minos’s other brother.

Serivida: The high priestess of Thera.

Suvlana: The high priestess under King Minos’s father.

Torulus: Minos’s man-servant.

Tuma: Jenora’s personal maid who later becomes a maid for Cavanila.

Vactor: A senior ship commander under Bardok