If it weren’t for the howling dogs…

In my previous blog, I explained a little about how I came to get fabricated and what I was like. No one involved in my design or manufacture, or saw me afterward realized that I could see, hear and think (let alone be able to type out a blog like this). But I can, obviously, or I wouldn’t be doing this. The next thing to tell you is, because I could hear gossip, I learned about what went on before I even existed. Of course, what I heard was biased according to who was talking, but that’s life.

The first thing I want to say about Cavanila’s Choices is that it starts off with a bang. Well, actually just a rumble in the earth, the first stages of an earthquake that soon had buildings collapsing. Fortunately, some howling dogs got Cavanila out of her bed just before the roof crashed down on where she had been sleeping. That happened at Akrotiri, the Minoan trading center on the south coast of what is now known as Santorini, also called Thera by Greeks and others.

If you go there today, you can see the ruins of that ancient town and appreciate the power of the forces that devastated that town. It’s a gorgeous island, as my accompanying photo shows, where one can enjoy lovely sunsets while sipping one’s favorite libation. It’s visited every year by a million plus people who come ashore from huge cruise boats that anchor in the island’s lagoon that is actually a volcanic caldera. Most spend their day or so ashore doing other fun and interesting things but few get to that incredible archaeological site at Akrotiri where all the action in the book begins. They’re missing something.

Sorry, I got carried away a bit. Back to the book. Cavanila was only 20 when this all happened, a beautiful, sensitive young priestess whose heart was with her people. The first line on the back cover of the book is a direct quote from her. It says, “I heard people screaming, Father, I had to go to them.” But her father was not the nicest of guys as readers will learn. He was the regent and high priest of Thera with a totally different view of the world and his place in it. This wasn’t just a rumor I heard. I was in the room during one of his arguments with Jenora, another interesting character I mentioned in my last blog.

Anyhow, part 1 of the book is called ‘Harbinger’, which implies that what I told you about so far was just the beginning. Stay tuned.
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