In 2000, following a research and academic career in the biomedical sciences, Jesse Sisken visited the Minoan archeological sites at Knossos and Phaestos on the Greek island of Crete. He became fascinated with that culture’s achievements in art and architecture and how the eruption of the Theran volcano signaled the end of its thriving civilization. He has since devoted himself to formal and informal studies of ancient Greek art, history and archaeology and returns to the Aegean islands nearly every year, learning more about the region’s physical and cultural history with each visit. His novel, Cavanila’s Choices, is the first of a series to be set in those islands. And as his attraction to the Aegean Islands grew, he became a serious photographer of their beauty. His photographs have been exhibited in numerous venues.
He enjoys the outdoors, skis in the winter and has flown small airplanes and gliders for many years. He lives with his wife in Lexington, Kentucky.